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International Workshop Week in Ghent.

LUCA School of Arts has invited us for 4th year in a row, to teach a workshop during their International Workshop Week. This time it will take place at their Ghent Campus.

Arch mirror collection available.

Arch mirror collection is available now.  Born with the intention of causing no harm to the environment in the process, and staying true to the conceprt of this project, we will produce only small quantities under demand.
Please email to place your order and enquire about materials, sizes and availability.


The White Wall - Arch mirror collection solo exhibition at Espacio 88.

The White Wall is a window open to artistic interventions from different fields, be it architecture, painting, design, photography or communication. This project aims to enhance the work of emerging artists and in a dynamic and active way, disseminate values and qualities of art in the city. Under this concept, the work of different artists who live in the daily life of our space, is presented every month.
Along with the mirrors we will display the lovely illustrations of Inge Rylant.