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Booklet: Speed Thinking: 1 object, 25 projects.

After developing the workshop “Speed Thinking: 1 object, 25 projects” and 4 years implementing it in different Design Universities, we have designed a small edition to showcase the outcome.

The book is a recopilation of some of the works developed at the workshop by students of LUCA School of Arts during the International Workshop Week 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. It is intended to be a showcase of the range of creative outcomes that students may achieve when given freedom to explore new possibilities.


Arch finishes and materials

We truly believe that the process behind creation and craftsmanship reflect in the final product. This is why we work closely with local manufacturers and fellow creators.

These are some options of the finishes available for the Arch mirror collection.
Owing to the distinctive origins of the raw material it is made of, each piece of Arch is different and special.

Please email to place your order and enquire about materials, sizes and availability.

International Workshop Week in Ghent.

LUCA School of Arts has invited us for 4th year in a row, to teach a workshop during their International Workshop Week.

This time it will take place at their Campus in Ghent.


Arch mirror collection available.

Arch mirror collection is available now.  Born with the intention of causing no harm to the environment in the process, and staying true to the concept of this project, we will produce only small quantities under demand.

Please email to place your order and enquire about materials, sizes and availability.

The New Mediterranean

Our project Studio & Apartment has been published at the Gestalten book:
The New Mediterranean. Homes and interiors under the southermn sun.
Introducing the designers and architects who are leading the way, while investigating the traditional craftsmanship at the heart of this movement. The New Mediterranean shows you how to bring this sumptuous, sun-drenched minimalism into your own home.

“A welcoming, new, down-to-earth modernism is gaining momentum, from California to Morocco, Portugal to Mexico. This direction in interiors combines Mediterranean folkloric influences with a contemporary aesthetic—taking cues from sunny landscapes to embrace warmth, light, and organic elements. The New Mediterranean showcases inspiring residences and vacation homes around the world that combine rustic, earthy tones with colorful fabrics, ceramics, rattan furniture, and Berber carpets which are offset by whitewashed walls, concrete, brick, terracotta tiles, and glass.”


International Workshop Week in Brussels.

LUCA School of Arts has invited us to teach a workshop during their International Workshop Week. It will take place at their Campus in Brussels and this will be the 3rd time we are part of the experience.

Looking forward to visiting Belgium again  :)


The White Wall - Arch mirror collection solo exhibition at Espacio 88.

The White Wall is a window open to artistic interventions from different fields, be it architecture, painting, design, photography or communication. This project aims to enhance the work of emerging artists and in a dynamic and active way, disseminate values and qualities of art in the city. Under this concept, the work of different artists who live in the daily life of our space, is presented every month.

Along with the Arch mirrors collection, we will display the lovely illustrations of Inge Rylant.


Collaboration - Inge Rylant.

We asked to the Belgian based illustrator @ingerylant to create some illustrations for our new project Arch.

She imagined different settings where the Arch mirror would look great. Very happy with this fun collaboration!


International Workshop Week in Antwerp.

We have been invited to be part of the International Workshop Week at the University of Antwerp.

Re- ACT by design is the theme of an annual series of international workshop weeks for master students of architecture, interior architecture, product development, heritage students and urbanism an spacial planning of the Faculty of Design Sciences at the University of Antwerp. The aim is to explore the power and capacity of design to tackle those lines of fracture and socially engage by design.


Barcelona Design Week.

We are part of the 12th edition of the Barcelona Design Week.

For 9 days Barcelona will be invaded by over 100 activities that will bring design, innovation and creativity closer to citizens and will transform the city into a meeting point for businesss, professionals from various fields. With the name Trandforming Society, #BDW17 invites you to enjoy a programme of exhibitions, workshops, conferences, round tables... all over the city which will permit you to experience a week full of creativity.



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