Colapso Studio is a Barcelona based office established in 2015 by Susana Piquer, operating internationally across various scales of design.

Our aspiration is to create environments that improve the quality of life of those who inhabit them, be it through an object or a space. From the start of an idea to execution, Colapso Studio aims to harmonize the delicate relationship between utility and subtle beauty.


We work with clients and a network of collaborators —including architects, photographers, designers, artists and writers, among others— internationally. Keeping the team small and flexible, allows us to adjust our services to the needs of each project.

Susana Piquer, Head of Design.
With professional training in Technical Architecture, Susana holds a Master on Interior Design and a Master on Art Direction that developed her intuitive sense for design and aesthetics and allow the studio to bridge rich narratives with functionality and spatial awareness. She regularly contributes to the academic discourse as lecturer for academic institutions in Barcelona and abroad. Currently teaching at Istituto Europeo di Design and LCI Barcelona.

Oumaima Bensemlali, Intern.
Architecture student at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. In charge of the development of scale models of current projects.


Carlota Álvarez, Architect.
Aditi Kapur, Graphic Designer.
Anastasija Polishchuk, Interior Design student.
Paula Rocío López, Architect.

Andrea Yara del Val, Architect.