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Arch is a result of love for unique material, sensitivity towards our environment and mindfulness of basic functionality. Arch features recyclable raw materials, that are aesthetically rich and carefully designed. A plastic recycled base from waste materials that provides weight, and a stainless steel circle; two elements which together equal a mirror. 

We truly believe that the process behind creation and craftsmanship reflect in the final product. This is why we work closely with local manufacturers and fellow creators. Born with the intention of causing no harm to the environment in the process and staying true to the concept of this project, we will produce only small quantities and under demand. Owing to the distinctive origins of the raw material it is made of, each piece of Arch is different and special, and it comes in three sizes: S, M and XL.

We asked to the Belgian based illustrator Inge Rylant to create some illustrations for our new project Arch. She imagined different settings where the Arch mirrors would look great. Very happy with this fun collaboration ︎